We, the following investors of CUC 100 pride ourselves on the collective passion that we have to assist our city. We represent decades of professional experience and education. Our diversity includes various religious, social, and economical backgrounds. We are all puzzle pieces that make up the picture of wrap around services and we have the ability to readily assist whenever needed. 

Our city has needs that each of us can address as a united body to increase the over well being of every resident in this city. Learn about us today.

Rodney L. McGill

Organization Founder

Save Our Children Movement, Inc

Khadijah Laidford

Executive Board, Chair, North Carolina

Future Growth Development

Martha Bratton

Executive Board, Chair, South Carolina


Moms of Miracle Children, Inc.

Judith Brown





Project 70Forward

Nicole Hillman





Well Balanced Life

Vivian Stuart





Charlotte LOC

Zay Woods





The Backwoods Ave Podcast

Manaja Bailey

Youth Investor




Accessories by Naja

Anthony Wright

General Council, National Transportation Advisor


Wrightway Transportation

Shonette Sullivan

Limited Investor

The Shekinah Group

Kameryn Smith

Youth Investor

Kameryn's Code

Phillip Brown

Limited Investor

Financial Education Services

Minnae Brown

Junior Executive

Tammy Broadway

Limited Investor, Sponsored by SOCM

Isis Bey

Limited Investor

Harmony Health Therapeutic Services

Universal Life

General Council, National Health Advocate

Family Safe Haven

Elisha McGill


Bare Cafe

Meoshia Burgess

Executive Board, Co-Chair, North Carolina

Shantone Curry

Director, Charleston South Carolina, 

Mekhi Brown

Junior Executive

Larki Sampson

Music Director

Gio Love

Political Campaign Correspondent

Minister Justice Barnes

Cultural Director

Conscious Minds Series

OG's Against Violence

Asiyah Williams

Care Management

Ms. Black Wilmington

Sarim Ibn Salahadhin

Senior Strategist

Equilibrium 360

Resident Sage

Iyman Bradwell El


Dabi's Daughter Group

Mark Jerrell


Mecklenburg County Commissioner

Myra (Truth) Foster




Carl (Born) Brown 

General Council, National Economic Strategist



Mecca Beez

Brandon Clark

Youth Investor



Brandon Live

Sean Gaddis

General Council, National Policy Director


Victorious Enterprises Sav LLC.

Vernell Mackie





Casting Down Strong Holds

Sylvia Grier





Genesis Project 1, Inc

Myazia Smith


Carla Carlisle

Limited Investor

Carla A Carlisle, LLC

Frederick Love

Limited Investor

Carey Jones

Limited Investor

Julius Bishop

Limited Investor

Positive Youth Transformation (PYT)

Gable Eaton

Limited Investor

TeqTouch LLC

Mya Spencer

Executive Board, Executive Admin

Maria Sanders

Chief Visionary Officer

Charles Jones


Shey Morton

Executive Board, Operations Manager

Orlando Tate


Yolanda Whitehead

Chair, Florida

Kristina Brickey

Director, Raleigh

Save Our Children Movement, Inc, Board Member

Sean Boyd

Board of Directors


Save Our Children Movement, Inc

Shantelle Evans

Baltimore, MD Representative

Unique Blessings

Brandon Chuck Brown

CUC100 Advocate

Single, Saved, & Serious

Mr. Xcitement

Artist Manager

Stargate Kuda

KEFA Director

Talent Coordinator

Artist & Musician

Greg Gaines

VP Save Our Children Movement, Inc.

Business Consultant

Nekie Boyd


Beyond Branding LLC

Tiela Moz


Music Manager

Joie R. Cook

Veteran Representative

Support Her B.O.O.T.S.

Skakieta Maloye


Another Chance LLC

Danielle Fleming

Youth Empowerment Coach

The Love Project NC

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