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CDSHTH is a program that cares about the total well being of each family that's served. We are united as one when providing services and collaborate with other stakeholders in the community. We provide a service of excellence. We are a program that empowers, educate and provide purpose to the participants we serve. We are not just a program that desires to provide housing however; we offer additional services in helping each family to become stronger and more resilient by the tools that are offered through our program. 


We care about the health, mental wellness and stability of each person (mother and child). We know the importance of the family systems and believe in a holistic model and family-driven care approach. The program understands we will not be able to end homelessness alone however;providing transitional housing can help many women and children from sleeping in their cars and having nowhere to call home. Each family work towards becoming self-sufficient and less reliance on government assistance. The families move from barriers to success.

We are 501 (c) (3)